Writing Challenge 5

Hello. Welcome to my site. You can call me Orlando Gray. It baffles me how you came across this site but whatever. Make yourself at home. As the title of this site reads, I partake in different 30/31-day writing challenges where I usually fail. Although, I feel like it has become a good example of how I’ve grown and changed throughout these past three years. If that sort of thing interest you then read on. If not, then consider reading one of my short stories.

There are those who do not believe in making New Year resolutions because they know they will not keep them. That isn’t me. I can’t stand the person I am right now. I am not comfortable being stagnant; never changing. There is never a time where I am satisfied with my life. Not even a little.

The New Year is just around the corner and there are things in my life I want to address going into it. Life is short and there are things I want to spend this next year doing. The way I react to situations disgust me at times. There is room for me to improve how I handle people and life struggles. This year, I want to also change my disposition. I never smile but I want to be happy. When I greet others I should greet them with a smile. This soon approaching year, I want to become a new person. My challenge this time is to document my change and the struggle that accompanies it for the first month of 2019. If you want you can come along on my journey.

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