(D-31) The End

(D-1) Why I am a Writer (D-2) My First Day of School Experiences (D-3) The Day I Discovered that Different is not Weird (D-4) The Greatest Gift Money Can Never Buy (D-5) My First Communion (D-6) My Favorite Birthday (D-7) Alarms and I (D-8) My Birth Order (D-9) My Most Embarrassing Moments (D-10) The Man of History I would Give Everything to Talk To (D-11) … Continue reading (D-31) The End


(D-30) My Favorite Story

The prompt of the day is, ‘Write the story that always makes you laugh.’ This is a tuff one. I am a somewhat serious person. I never watch or read anything solely for humor. When I do, it makes me feel like I’m wasting my time. When time is being wasted, I get anxious and … Continue reading (D-30) My Favorite Story