Day Seven – Nothing Special

Yesterday was my first post in this challenge under 500 words. Today’s post may be even shorter. There just isn’t much to talk about today. Monday has been slow.

Today, I read Joshua 6-10. Reading it reminds me how much I dislike war. As a kid, I liked to watch war documentaries and play combat-based video games. After playing a lot of GTA games, I wanted to move to LA and join a gang. The games made being in a gang look cool. When I began playing more military-based games, I began to want to make a name for myself on the battlefield; do something heroic. In high school, I gave a lot of consideration to joining the marines. To be honest, I only wanted to be a Rambo in the battlefield; a killer for a country.

Now that I am older and a Christian, my opinions has changed. I don’t think the average citizen should be allowed to carry a gun. This country is full of unrepentant souls as it is and allowing people to obtain a gun doesn’t make anyone any safer.

Stories about possibly hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children being killed don’t exactly make me want to praise God’s name. Actually, I praised him for helping me get through those chapters in two different Bible versions, but you get the idea. Those days where I dreamed of watching millions suffer and die in a never-ending war are over. It doesn’t have the same appeal as it used to when I was a child.

I have been thinking about my next writing project. This book I am working on now could be out in a month or two and thoughts have been penetrating my head of what I would do should I make a sequel. It’s not likely, but should I publish a sequel, it would be another five years before I write it.

It has been some time, but I have been thinking about reviving my Walking Dead fan fiction. Should I bring it back, I will rewrite it from the ground up and use it as an excuse to practice a different writing style. This would be practice for the original stories I will charge for. There are some stories I would like to publish professionally within the next few years.

Tomorrow then, good night.


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