Day Twenty-Two -Nothing to Say

There isn’t much to say tonight. Yesterday, I made a new schedule to help me better manage my time. As you can see, it did not go as well as I would have liked. Tomorrow, I will tweak my schedule and make it more efficient.

Schedules usually don’t work for me, but I believe it helps me to at least see what I am wasting time on. Whether sleeping is wasting my time or the internet I can clearly see what I should prioritize and what I need to work on.

Tomorrow, I am planning a fast. Only one day, perhaps. Whenever I take anything seriously, I always fast and talk to God. Sometimes, I need to fast over a course of weeks and months, but I need God to know that I am serious. He always lends me His strength when I ask Him. By fasting, He sees how resolute I am.

If there anything you would like me to pray about as I fast just let me know. It is always good to keep those close to you in prayer.


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