Day Thirty-One – My Work is Done

This challenge has finally come to an end. Tomorrow will be a normal day. This has not been the best of my attempts, but it has been fun. At least at the very beginning and now.

It’s a relief knowing that tomorrow will just be a normal day. No more staying up to six in the morning just thinking about what to write. No more cowering in fear at the thought of writing another post. No more visiting the doctor three times a week and being told I have high blood pressure due to stress. Tomorrow is a new day.

You know, it’s a great time to end this challenge. Winter has finally come to Michigan. When I step outside, everything is white. You can hardly spot a blade of grass or the pavement on the road. The sidewalks are covered in snow. Most are unfit to walk on. The roads are slippery as well. I almost fell walking on them.

I might have to consider buying gloves. Every winter, I grow an afro and facial hair to protect myself during the cold season. I wear my headphones to protect my ears. While my head area is okay, the cold chill goes through my hands. The cold leaves me with shivers when I go indoors now. All week, in fact, the weather has been so bad that public schools and even my college has been closed this whole week.

Nothing went quite as I had planned this month. I am probably better off only occasionally updating you on my blog. The pressure of having something to say every day is beyond me. I am and have always been an introvert. Nevertheless, this challenge has taught me to open up a little more. There is nothing wrong with engaging with others from time to time.

Tomorrow, this year will truly begin for me. I work best when no one is watching. By the time I post this February will have already begun. It has always been my favorite month in the year. Let’s pray it holds something special for both of us.


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