Day 1 – Pantser Dream

To begin this year, I wanted to do another writing challenge, like I do every year. For half of December, I kept searching for a challenge to do or a topic to write about. I haven’t taken writing seriously for the whole year. I wasn’t sure what to do.

I thought about telling a continuous story for the next 30 days. Then again, I’m a plotter, not a pantser. I didn’t have enough time to draft a story to tell. However, a few hours ago, it occurred to me that this is fertile ground for a writing challenge.

Every night, there is a story that I tell myself to help lull myself to sleep. I add to it and change elements until I get bored and start anew. So far, this story only exists in my head.

My challenge this time will be to tell a story that was never meant to be shared. Each post will be 500+ words, not including this one. Wish me luck.

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